"My journey with Ideal Protein (IP) began in December of 2010. I had witnessed the results that Ideal Protein had provided for a friend, and after hearing how easy she thought IP was to follow and speaking with Bill about the details of how the program 
worked, I decided to give it a try. Now, here I am less than five months later, nearly 70 pounds lighter and over 35 inches smaller with a reduction of 10% body fat and a 9.6 loss in BMI.  This is by far the easiest 'diet' that I have ever tried, and I have tried them all; the prepackaged foods by mail, the point system, the 'fresh' prepared meals, etc. With Ideal Protein, I rarely felt hungry and never felt deprived of those special tastes like chocolate or peanut because they are available in the 
IP products. I have bragged about the success of the IP program to so many people that at least four of my co-workers and my 
husband has joined me on this journey."
- Rhonda
"I am 61 and have struggled with weight ever since I can recall.  My daughter, a Recharge client, heard about Ideal Protein and nagged me into trying it.  I started in May 2010.  I had some hard moments, but they were more psychological than physical.  I was never really hungry, but it took me a while to adjust to not using food to celebrate or commiserate! In six months, I had dropped 42 lbs.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and household guests came along and I went off the diet.  I gained 5 lbs but, by keeping my carbs low and watching my portions I quickly lost the 5 lbs after the holidays.  So here I am a year later, still 42 lbs lighter, 2 dress sizes smaller and with a 25% improvement in my LDL/HDL ratio.  It's fun to buy clothes again and very rewarding when people tell me I look 10 years younger.  I am getting ready to go back on the strict program again so I can drop another 15-20 lbs.  and finally reach my goal weight."
- Connie
"Ideal Protein has helped change my life.  I came into the program very overweight and lethargic, and now I am down 34lbs in 5 weeks with more energy than ever.  This lifestyle change has improved every facet of my life and I would recommend Ideal Protein to anyone that is tired of being fat and wants an easy-to-follow system with great tasting food and excellent support along the way

“I’ve never felt better.  After getting over the initial bit of fatigue that I experienced in the first two weeks, my energy level picked up tremendously.  I lost a total of 28 lbs in 8 weeks and went from 27% body fat to 17%.  More importantly, my cholesterol went down by roughly 35 points, and my triglycerides went down by 66% – all in 8 weeks.  Kind of scary when you think about what our diets are actually doing to us.  Also, my “good” (HDL) cholesterol went up significantly.  Last, I totally stopped snoring – a welcome relief for my wife because she is a VERY light sleeper.”

- Todd
"I tried to lose a frustrating 10 pounds for a good year.  I worked out and tried a number of diets but couldn't get those stubborn pounds off.  Finally, I tried Ideal Protein - it was the only diet that has worked for me.  I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks!"
"Started Ideal Protein January 6th, 2011, and to date (April 1st, 2011) I have lost almost 30 pounds!  The best part is that I have been taken off my blood pressure medicine by my doctor!  I have another 40 pounds to go in order to reach my goal."
- Diane
"I have a long way to go but I just hit 62 pounds of weight loss and 44 inches by week 12.  Ideal Protein is amazing and it has changed my life!"

“Many of my friends saw great results with Ideal Protein, so I had to try it to lose the extra 10 lbs that I was struggling to lose over the last year. I love to workout but exercising alone just wasn’t doing it anymore. The diet was easy to do and really promotes healthy eating habits. The people at Recharge were great to work with encouraging me throughout the whole process. I lost the weight and got back on a more healthy diet and eating schedule. It really works.”

"It changed my life.........I really am going to be fabulous at fifty (July of this year) Can not wait......."

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